Flower Set (for The Sims 3)

Set consists of 4 objects: rack for flowers, tulips, roses and camomiles.
All meshes are possible to recolour.
The archive contains .package and .sims3pack formats.
This meshes is created in original game and should work with any addons.
The rack for flowers have 9 container slots for a plants.
You can find all flowers in category Decor – Plants, and rack in Surfaces – CoffeeTables or EndTables.
flower set sims 3 sims 3 tulips sims 3 camomilessims 3 roses sims 3 flower stand rack for flowers sims 3Required
The Sims 3 base game

Polygon Counts
Roses: vertices 482, faces 692
Camomiles: vertices 1190, faces 1141
Tulips: vertices 3068, faces 3256
Rack for flowers: vertices 3586, faces 3384


  1. Simon
  2. Kerry