Decor Archive

Modular radiators (The Sims 4)

This set consist of 4 objects: single radiator and 3 modular section (left, middle and right). Of these sections you can place any length radiators. The archive contains .package format.

Air conditioners (for The Sims 4)

The set consist of 2 objects: room air conditioner and outdoor air conditioner. The archive contains .package and .sims3pack formats.

Modular window blinds (The Sims 4)

This set for The Sims 4 consists of 6 objects: 3 single blinds (short, medium and long) and 3 double blinds (short, medium and long). Each curtain blind contains 7 recolor options (see the screenshots below). All

Switches and sockets (The Sims 4)

You can find all item in category Decor – Wall Decoration / Wall Sculpture/ Bathroom Accent (1$). The archive contains .package formats.