Crochet doilies (for Sims 4)

This set consist of 3 objects: big, small and oval croched doilies.
All meshes are possible to recolour (total 40 recolors).
The archive contains .package format.

This meshes is created in original game and should work with any addons.
You can find all doilies in category Decor – Clutter and Misc Decoration (2$).
Update 12.04.16: remove duplicates textures (reduced file size).

You will need cheat “bb.moveobjects” to be able to place doily with decor on any surface. Sorry!
How to do this, see the image below.

crochet doily sims 4 by dara savelly crochet doily sims 4 by darasims crochet doilies sims 4 lace doily sims 4 crochet doilies sims 4 crochet doilies sims 4
The Sims 4 base game

Polygon Counts
All Doilies: vertices 29, faces 28


  1. Sims4 player
    • Dara_Savelly